Keeping your loved ones in mind

Funds you leave for your children

Life Assurance

Keeping your loved ones in mind

It’s easy to think that the only insurance cover you need for your family is life assurance. Whilst it’s vitally important to leave your loved ones protected in the event of your death, especially if you have a family and a mortgage, it’s only one of many ways that you can benefit from the security and reassurance that insurance can provide.

Are your existing arrangements tailored to your current circumstances?

It is not unusual for many of us to have some insurance in place, but for the level of protection provided to be unconnected to what we actually want or need. We will review this for you based on your specific requirement to make sure that there is not a gap between what you need and what you have, and also to make sure you are not paying for protection that you do not need.

Is a Trust Necessary?

You may already have some life cover in place. It is important to consider using a trust for this, as it makes sure that the right money is in the right hands at the right time. Without a trust in place some of the unintended consequences might surprise you… 40% of the life cover you have in place could be paid to the taxman. We can advise you on the appropriate trust arrangements to ensure that any funds you leave for your children are managed properly; that money is paid out quickly and efficiently.