Investing is all about Strategy

We are all different

We provide ongoing support


It's all about a strategy

Investing is all about a strategy for the medium to long term, diversifying your portfolio, and giving your money time to grow.

With interest rates low and likely to remain so for a while, you may wish to consider some of the alternatives. Money in your savings account may be eroded by inflation and effectively buy you less in the future.

We will help you take an overview view of your current position. Talk to you, find out what you want and when and help you to those goals.


We are all different, with different wants and needs, and we can tailor a plan for you.


We will assess your view on types of investment, for example during your younger years, as part of your strategy, you may want to invest in assets with higher growth potential but greater risk because you have time on your side. Conversely more mature clients may be looking for guarantees

We will consider your existing investments, explain how they are performing, assess if they are still appropriate and explain the options you have. It is important that you have a spread of investment, this may be through property, cash, and investments. We can help piece together the overall picture into a coherent diverse plan

As a client of TFS we will provide ongoing support, through face to face, or phone meetings as required. We are looking to provide a life time of service, making your savings and investments work and provide for you.


Please note: The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.